The Studio

The perfect space for you to create sophisticated, quality content for your brand or clients.

4 hrs

The perfect amount for smaller content goals or small shoots. Recommended for individuals or first-time visitors.

€ 325

6 hrs

Looking for the middle road? This time slot is for you. Take your sweet time, no need to rush!

€ 425

8 hrs

The real deal. Ideal for teams and projects, especially if you want to shoot both photo and video.

€ 525

Explore the rooms of our studio

The Light Room

With a booking at our Studio you’ll have private access to the entire Studio. The Light Room & The Black Room: all at your disposal.

Classic & Luxurious

Designed as a living room space, the Light Room has beautiful views, large windows and a monochrome, light theme. Great for anyone looking for an elegant setting with white and beige aesthetics.

Abundance of Light

What sets this space apart from others is its abundance of light, both artificial and natural. Our bespoke curtains add drama and grandeur to the already enchanting room.

Stone & Palm classic light
Special Offer

Up to 25% Off for Recurring Visitors

Are you a photographer or content creator seeking a space to use on a recurring basis for yourself or clients? Get in touch now for a tailored price package.

Explore the rooms of our studio

The Black Room

With a booking at our Studio you’ll have private access to the entire Studio for yourself. The Light Room & The Black Room: all for you.

Warm & Friendly

Our Black Room has one beige wall which creates a warmer, friendlier tone. Perfect for brass or golden accents, but with this backdrop, anything stands out. In the center you’ll find a large, white concrete oval table with 6 dining chairs.

Make a Statement

On the other side of the dining table in the Black Room, you’ll find a large, black wall, which creates a masculine atmosphere. Play with contrasts or embrace the darkness of this corner and create astonishing results. Hint: this wall is great for nickel or chrome products! 

chair and seater against black wall
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