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Stone & Palm Studios

Truly a space for storytellers! I felt so calm and at peace here, I actually didn't want to leave at the end of my booking.
Our philosophy


Everything we do needs to be as pure and authentic as possible. This translates into choosing sustainable designs, staying authentic to our core values and working with clients and brands we believe in.


A space for storytellers isn't just a pretty slogan, it represents our belief that what we have must be shared with others, because we can only be as good as our community.

Timeless Design

Our Studio maintains a timeless approach toward style and aesthetics, because beauty isn't captured in a season.

Stone & Palm Studios is born out of the inherent need to have a space where people could develop a sense of belonging, a place where they have a creative outlet. A space where creativity is cherished and where thinking outside the box is a virtue.

It’s where brands are born and mature, and we are so honoured to share our space with fellow creatives from all walks of life.

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Meet the founder

” Ever since I started my interior brand Stone & Palm, I knew I had something so great and so beautiful in my hands that I needed to share with others.

I want to inspire others to create unforgettable memories and projects, and what better way to do this than to put my money where my mouth is and actually invite creatives of all walks of life into my own space? “

Maral Moni

Maral Moni

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